About the Online Marketing Book

An online marketing book that appeals to everyone in every type of business. From Fortune 500 to home-based businesses, this marketing book provides valuable information based on real life business marketing experiences, successes and failures.

You will read case studies about businesses large and small; real world common sense marketing know-how and advice to help you make the right connection online in a noisy world.

The author, Larry Bailin has over twelve years experience helping businesses navigate the competitive, complex and often confusing Internet marketing space.

This book is all about helping marketers avoid common and often detrimental mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes allows you to focus on what really works: creating a real world Internet marketing strategy that connects you to the connected.

What makes this book different from other sales and online marketing books? Honesty. The author’s shoot from the hip, tell it like it is, no nonsense style cuts through the…well…crap.

"I’m not looking to win any popularity contests. I want marketers to know the truth and this book puts it all out there." – Larry Bailin.

If you buy only one marketing book this year…you should not call yourself a marketer! Buy lots of sales and marketing books and don’t miss this one. Order your copy of the online marketing book today.

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