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Professional motivational business speaker and bestselling marketing author Larry Bailin. An expert sales and marketing speaker, Larry Bailin is a motivational, entertaining and engaging professional keynote speaker and conference speaker.

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A sought after motivational business speaker on topics that connect with businesses of all types and sizes. Larry's speaking topics include both Internet marketing and traditional marketing including social media, social networking, viral video, search engine optimization, Blogging, Podcasting, connected customers, consumer behavior in a digital world and much more. Larry is considered one of the foremost experts in the Internet marketing space and is a sought after motivational business speaker and keynote speaker speaking for numerous organizations and at conferences throughout the country.

Bragging Rights
Larry has been a professional keynote speaker and motivational conference speaker for Microsoft,The Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Business Marketing Association (BMA), Second Wind Network, American Marketing Association (AMA), HealthSouth, United Parcel Service (UPS), Boy Scouts of America, NJ Ad Club, MENG, New Media Expo, The Conference Board, Blog-World, Search Engine Strategies, and many others. Bailin has co-presented with industry leaders such as, Symbol Technologies, Avaya and Microsoft as well as bestselling marketing author Seth Godin.

In 2007 Larry was named one of the top 40 business people in New Jersey under the age of 40. In 2008 he was called, "one of the top minds in the business" by Yahoo!

And he can write, too!
In addition to authoring one of the best business marketing books, Mommy, Where Do Customers Come From?, being a professional motivational business speaker and his rants and raves in his popular Connected Customers Blog, Bailin is also a featured article writer on the topics of marketing, sales and Internet marketing for online and offline publications and has been a featured marketing expert in articles by Yahoo!, Entrepreneur Magazine, Realtor Magazine, CNN Money, The Street, Fortune Small Business, Marketing Magazine and Direct Marketing Magazine.

If you’re looking for an entertaining, motivational and downright unforgettable professional keynote business sales and marketing speaker for your event or conference please contact us.

What others are saying about professional business speaker and author of one of the best business marketing books, Larry Bailin

Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Natalie Johnson
Social Media
General Motors

Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Blair Klein
Corp Communications

Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Lee Hornick
Program Director
The Conference Board

Conference Comments
"The next session rocked.. Larry Bailin gives Gary Vaynerchuk a run
for his money as most dynamic speaker on the circuit right now!
A really innovative marketer, he shows some really innovative examples
of work he’s done for clients, using video to really elevate his clients to the next level"

"Larry was the most interesting out of the bunch.
He spoke about some interesting social media campaigns
that he developed. I dug this guy."

Read tweets about Larry Bailin from audience members

"One of the top minds in the business"
- Yahoo! Search Marketing Team

"Listen carefully to him. I have, and have prospered from it. Larry wants you to succeed--you can feel it."
- Harry Beckwith. Internationally Best Selling Author of "Selling the Invisible", "The Invisible Touch", "What Clients Love" and "You Inc., The Art of Selling Yourself".

"Mommy, Where Do Customers Come From - pure genius!"
- Jeffrey Gitomer - Author of "The Sales Bible" and "The Little Red Book of Selling".

"We've found it extremely valuable in planning and growing our business."
- Christine Clifford Beckwith, CSP Partner, Beckwith Partners and CEO, The Cancer Club; Author of "You, Inc., The Art of Selling Yourself".

"Thank you again, you continue to provide clear value and promise to our partners at Microsoft"
- Marketing Manager, Microsoft

Wonderful job! We truly appreciate the way you took charge and pulled everything together.
You are a great speaker
- Maxine Ballen, President NJTC

Wow, what a great job! We've never had such positive feedback from a presentation.
Hands down best presentation of the night. We hope you'll consider coming back next year

- Marine Consortium

One of the best and most professional speakers I've ever seen.
- Affiliate Summit East 2007

Amazing amount of knowledge on the subject of Internet marketing.
- Ron White, Bestselling author

Amazing business speaker and great information!

We have to have you back next year!

Absolutely amazing. One of the best speakers I've seen and I've seen thousands!
- Lee Hornick, The Conference Board

Keynote speaker for Microsoft

Business conference speaker for UPS

Seminar speaker for HealthSouth

Marketing speaker for MENG

Boy Scouts of America
Boy Scouts
of America

DMA conference and trade show speaker

Professional Internet marketing speaker at affiliate summit

Internet marketing speaker at BlogWorld and New Media expo

Internet marketing speaker at Podcast and new media expo

Internet marketing speaker at Search engine strategies

professional business development seminars speaker for marketing


Keynote speaker seminar speaker for EO group

Professional busiess speaker for NJRA seminar

Audience Comments


"Loved everything about it"

"Timely information presented in an effective and entertaining manner"

"Kept my attention the whole time"

"Speaker was absolutely the best I've ever seen"

"Comprehensive in scope of information, speaker defined an action plan and issues of concern"

"Straight forward style was great. Plain talk and communicative"

"Finally and great speaker with personality!"

"Best marketing seminar I have ever attended (and I've attended a lot!)"

"I was completely engaged"

"Great speaker - down to earth with excellent examples"

"Exactly what I needed to hear"

"The other speakers at this event should be ashamed of themselves - Larry blew them away!"

"Fun, funny, great insight"

"Upbeat and cutting edge - very entertaining"

"excellent speaker. Informative, amusing and interesting"

"Great speaker, I learned a lot"

"Forever changed how I look at my marketing"

Read the latest book reviews for the marketing book, Mommy Where Do Customers Come From?

If you’re looking for an entertaining, motivational and downright unforgettable professional keynote business sales and marketing speaker for your event or conference please contact us.

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