Marketing Resources

Here is an ongoing, ever-growing list of some of my favorite marketing resources. Everything from magazines, to BLOGS related to sales, marketing and Internet marketing. Contact us for more information.

Resources associated with this book

Marketing BLOG: the official BLOG for the Marketing book "Mommy, Where Do Customers Come From?

Internet Marketing Company: Single Throw, Award winning best of breed Internet Marketing Consultants.

Charitable giving campaign - Billy Gives Back

Business and marketing magazines

Entrepreneur Magazine: One of my favorite business magazines. A monthly must read for any business.

AdWeek: Great magazine touching on marketing and  branding issues.

Fortune: Another must read. I have a four foot stack of these going back before the dot-com bubble.

Revenues: Great magazine, great people. Really in touch with what is going on in the world of Internet marketing.

Sales and marketing authors

Harry Beckwith: Harry is a good friend but before he was a friend I was a huge fan (as I continue to be). His first book, “Selling the Invisible” literally changed my life. He has penned three other phenomenal titles since, “What Clients Love”, “The Invisible Touch” and “You, Inc. The Art of Selling Yourself.”

Brian Tracy: Brian has over 300 pieces of audio, video and print material. He is the most listened to audio author in the world! I cannot even begin to select a favorite from his vast library. Anything you choose will make an impact.

Jeffrey Eisenberg: The President of Future Inc. I truly admire Jeffrey and what he has created. His book “Waiting For Your Cat to Bark” is an Internet marketing, website conversion must have.

Seth Godin: Seth is a great guy and in a world where everyone is a guru I can truly say that his marketing mind is astounding. Again, he has too many titles to suggest a favorite.

Ron White: Ron White is a world class professional speaker and the Guinness book of world record holder for memory. His “Memory in a Month” training series will make a HUGE impact in your professional career.

Steve Krug: A true guru when it comes to website usability. His book, ”Don’t Make Me Think” is top notch.

Other Marketing Stuff

Acer Aspire One Ultra portable Laptop - Video Contest; A great viral video marketing campaign featuring the Aspire Onemini laptop

White Paper Connect: Online lead generation through white paper portal White Paper Connect. Post and download technical white papers, healthcare white papers, marketing whitepapers, sales white papers or just about any type of white paper you can imagine at white paper connect.