Motivational Business Speaker / Keynote Speaker uses Social Media to Improve Speaking Performance

Motivational business speaker, keynote speaker, CEO and bestselling Internet marketing author, Larry Bailin speakst to thousands of business people each year.

After speaking the first thing Larry does once he leaves the stage is check popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to see what audience members are saying about his presentation.

When asked about Twitter as a tool for professional keynote speakers Larry had this to say, "It provides me with instant feedback about my presentation, content and topics. I can hone future presentations based on what connects with my audience. If people like or dis-like something, in today's hyper socially connected world, they tweet about it. Twitter is a great tool for any motivational business speaker."

Here are some of the tweets from Larry Bailin's presentation for the YMCA General Assembly event in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2010.

MATTHARRELL.jpg mattharrell @LarryBailin Great presentation for that audience. Enjoy your red eye ;-).
@LAURASIMONFL laurasimonfl @LarryBailin thanks 4 a great session. Keep twittering. #ymcaga
@LAURASIMONFL laurasimonfl Love to watch @larrybailin explain the Ys of Twitter #ymcaga
@LAURASIMONFL laurasimonfl "Don't sell...Influence" @larrybailin
@LAURASIMONFL laurasimonfl @larrybailin "things you post must be shareworthy"
@LAURASIMONFL laurasimonfl "you can't sell w/o evoking emotion" @larrybailin
@LAURASIMONFL laurasimonfl in a session w/ @larrybailin @ #YMCA GA
@SHANNON1030 shannon1030 Looking forward to @LarryBailin talk abt social media!
@GREGLEE GregLee You can only be catapulted to success if you have something worth flinging into the air. - @larrybailin #YMCAGA
SANDYMORANDER.jpg SandyMorander @larrybailin learning session @ #YMCAGA
@GREGLEE GregLee Another reason @larrybailin's presentation rocks: @theonion news.
@GREGLEE GregLee @memberjedi @larrybailin gave you props in this AMs session. #YMCAGA
@YARCHIVES yarchives Listening to @LarryBailin talk about social media and the importance of influence #ymcaga
@GREGLEE GregLee @larrybailin: unless you are a 13-year old girl or in a band, there's no good reason to use myspace.
@GREGLEE GregLee @larrybailin: what do you want to share and is it #shareworthy?
DIGITAL_REDUX.bmp Digital_Redux @larrybailin talking about social media calling it clicking ass #ymcaga
@GREGLEE GregLee What makes a great #YMCAGA presentation? The etrade #shankapottamus commercial. Thanks @larrybailin.
@MATTMUIL mattmuil @larrybailin talking about social media calling it clicking ass #ymcaga2010
@GREGLEE GregLee @Larrybailin 1.6billion. Why? Because it changed the  world. #YMCAGA
@GREGLEE GregLee Name change for @larrybailin's session: Clicking Ass. Awesome.
@GREGLEE GregLee   Excited to hear @larrybailin share insight on "getting social" and connecting with our Y members. #YMCAGA 12:29 PM Jul 10th
@MEMBERSHIPJEDI membershipjedi  Hope the #ymcaga traffic grows after @LarryBailin engages folks here  in #SLC tomorrow!